Winter activities

During the winter season, in addition to skiing and snowboarding, Pohorje also offers other activities for visitors of different ages, abilities, interests and tastes.

Sledding and riding the sitting monoski ”Pležuh”
In addition to arranged children’s playgrounds, Bellevue and Areh offer during the winter time a sledge piste for children. Sledders on Bellevue are allowed to use conveyor belt on Bejbika piste. At specific times, after the end of the night skiing, there are also available descents to the valley with the sitting monoski ”Pležuh”.

Ski touring
In good winter conditions, there are enough areas for ski touring on both parts of Pohorje (Maribor and Areh area). Ski touring or climbing uphill on Mariborsko Pohorje are available at specific times of the day.

Cross-country skiing
If nature endows us with enough natural snow, we also take care of cross-country skiing on Pohorje; it is available on the arranged track on Areh (lengths of 6 km, 3 km and 1 km) and also on the Bellevue-Areh route (ridge route).

In winter, adrenaline enthusiasts are also offered panoramic snowmobile rides on the Bellevue-Areh route.

Ski school, equipment rental and service
During the winter season, a ski school is organized on Pohorje, which includes various types of courses as well as individual skiing lessons. If desired, we can also provide the school of snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Rental of complete equipment and service are also taken care of.

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