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Bike park Pohorje Maribor


Bike park Pohorje Maribor

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Bike park Pohorje Maribor



In the heart of the Pohorje nature, you’ll find the Bike Park Pohorje Maribor, with multiple different trails. Since 1999, one of our trails (World Cup) has been considered a legendary downhill mountain biking track for the World Championships.

Bike Park Pohorje Maribor was created by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Located just 60 km from Graz, 250 km from Vienna, and 350 km from Budapest, it offers its visitors much more than just adrenaline experiences.

You can ride down almost directly into the center of Maribor! There are trails for beginners and families, as well as advanced and experienced mountain bikers, and even professionals. Welcome to Maribor!


The Flow Line is a fun blue trail that starts at the upper station of the Pohorje Cable Car. It stretches for approximately 5.5 kilometers and provides an exciting descent of over 712 vertical meters, leading cyclists all the way down to the valley.

The Flow Line is designed for riders of all skill levels and is enjoyable for both beginners starting their cycling adventures and experienced professionals.

This trail has a smooth and playful character. All elements on the main riding line are designed to be navigated without losing contact with the ground. This allows beginners to gradually gain confidence and refine their biking skills. However, it also caters to those looking for some extra airtime. Elements suitable for experienced jumpers are marked with red and black symbols. They take you slightly off the ideal riding line and bring big smiles to your face.

The Flow Line captivates riders of all skill levels and delivers unforgettable experiences in the Bike Park Pohorje Maribor.

Maintenance work is underway on the tracks, please follow detours. Thank you.
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The Red Line is a red trail that starts at the upper station of the Pohorje Cable Car. It measures approximately 2.9 kilometers in length and offers an exciting descent of over 510 vertical meters, leading cyclists just a few meters below the intermediate station of the Pohorje Cable Car. There, it joins the Flow Line trail, which takes cyclists down into the valley.

The Red Line is designed for riders who love high berms and jumps. Most of the jumps are built to allow for gradual progression and confidence-building. Double jumps, drops, and other challenging features are clearly marked.

This trail is very flowy and promises a lot of fun for riders with some miles under their belt. It provides an excellent opportunity to advance your basic mountain biking skills in Bike Park Pohorje Maribor.

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The World Cup downhill track is the one that put Maribor on the global map of mountain biking. This iconic black trail, with fast and root-filled sections, the famous rocky “Rocks and Roll,” and breathtaking jumps, will undoubtedly leave you anything but indifferent.

Currently, the World Cup track is set up in a shortened form, measuring 2.2 kilometers in length and offering a 465-meter descent. The entire starting section of this famous track has been updated. Instead of starting at Koča Luka, the World Cup temporarily begins at the entrance to the second forest. Flow Line, with clear markings all the way from the upper station of the Pohorje Cable Car, leads you to the start of the World Cup.

The World Cup track is suitable for experienced riders. Rather than an enduro bike, you’ll want a downhill bike with extra suspension for the ultimate experience.

In the end, even the greatest legends of mountain biking were left breathless, so don’t be surprised. Undoubtedly, you’ll be wearing an exceptional smile when you conquer it.

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The Fury Trail is a black enduro trail, a singletrack interwoven with roots, natural drops, and steep, winding turns that will test your cycling skills.

The beginning of the Fury Trail is hidden near Trikotna Jasa, opposite the exit of the famous Rocks ‘n Roll section on the World Cup track.

Fury Trail is a natural trail, crafted with hand tools and suitable for experienced mountain bikers. The rugged terrain demands full concentration and delivers unforgettable joy.

For maximum enjoyment, it’s better to opt for a slightly lighter and more agile enduro bike rather than a heavier and more cumbersome downhill bike.

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