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Bike park Pohorje Maribor

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Bike park Pohorje Maribor


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In the heart of the Pohorje nature, you’ll find the Bike Park Pohorje Maribor, with multiple different trails. Since 1999, one of our trails (World Cup) has been considered a legendary downhill mountain biking track for the World Championships.

Bike Park Pohorje Maribor was created by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Located just 60 km from Graz, 250 km from Vienna, and 350 km from Budapest, it offers its visitors much more than just adrenaline experiences.

You can ride down almost directly into the center of Maribor! There are trails for beginners and families, as well as advanced and experienced mountain bikers, and even professionals. Welcome to Maribor!


Flow Line is a captivating blue trail that commences its journey at the upper station of the Cable Car Pohorska vzpenjača. Stretching over approximately 5.2 kilometers and boasting an exciting descent of around 702 vertical meters, this trail guides riders all the way down to the valley.
Flow Line is specially designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels, making it the perfect choice for riders, whether they’re just starting or are seasoned pros.
This trail has a delightful and playful character. On the main line, all obstacles are designed to be rollable, providing an excellent opportunity for beginners to build confidence and hone their skills. For those seeking more exhilaration, numerous features await the jumping experts. These are easily identifiable by red and black signs, and while they require a slight detour from the main line, don’t worry; the intuitive path keeps you smoothly rolling along.
Flow Line promises an exciting adventure for riders of all levels and a truly memorable experience in Bike Park Pohorje Maribor.

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The Red line, marked as a red track, commences its exhilarating journey at the upper station of the cable car Pohorska vzpenjača. Spanning 3,2 kilometers in length, this trail offers an adrenaline-pumping descent of more than 490 meters, ultimately leading cyclists a few meters below the middle station of the Pohorska vzpenjača. From here on, you can either take the Family line or the Flow line to reach the valley.
The Red line is thoughtfully crafted for riders who thrive on high-speed big berms and airborne adventures. Throughout the trail, you’ll find a series of jumps designed to accommodate progressive skill development and instill confidence. Double jumps, drops, and other challenging elements are clearly marked with distinct signs.
This course offers a remarkably fluid riding experience and promises endless excitement for cyclists with a few kilometers already under their belts. It provides an ideal platform for riders to elevate their mountain biking expertise within the scenic landscape of Bike Park Pohorje Maribor.
The Red line is open every day of the year, including the winter season, when it’s not covered by a blanket of snow.


The World Cup is the downhill track that catapulted Maribor onto the global stage of mountain biking. This iconic black trail, renowned for its high-speed and root-strewn segments, the legendary technical rock garden known as “Rocks and Roll,” and exhilarating jumps, is sure to leave an indelible mark on you.
To reach the World Cup track, you have to follow the Flow line from the upper station of the cable car Pohorska vzpenjača, all the way to Koča Luka. It spans 2 kilometers in length and offers 431 meters of descent. It’s suitable for experienced riders who are familiar with high speeds and challenging terrain. The World Cup track is tailored for seasoned riders. To fully relish the experience, it’s recommended to opt for a downhill bike with extra cushioning, rather than an enduro bike.
As you cross the finish line, take solace in the fact that even the most celebrated legends of mountain biking needed a moment to catch their breath. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a similar position. Undoubtedly, an extraordinary smile will be your ultimate reward.


The Fury Trail is a thrilling black-rated enduro trail, a singletrack peppered with challenging natural elements such as roots, natural drops, and sharp switchbacks that will thoroughly put your biking skills to the test.
Embarking on the Fury Trail, you’ll first need to locate its discreet entrance, nestled near Trikotna jasa, just across from the exit of the famous Rocks and Roll section of the World Cup track. It is a 820 meters long trail, with 225 meters of vertical descent.
This trail is a rugged, natural masterpiece painstakingly crafted with hand tools, designed to challenge even the experienced mountain bikers. The challenging terrain demands your utmost concentration and promises to conjure up unforgettable joy.
For maximum enjoyment on the Fury Trail, it’s advisable to opt for a nimble and responsive enduro bike, rather than a more cushioned and less maneuverable downhill bike.

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Family Line is a green trail designed for beginners and families. It starts at the mid-station of the cable car Pohorska vzpenjača, where the Red Line trail ends. With 2,4 kilometers in length and 237 vm of enjoyable descent, you’re guaranteed to relish every meter until you reach the lower station of the cable car Pohorska vzpenjača.

Crafted as the easiest trail in our bike park, Family Line caters to riders of all skill levels and ages. Featuring gentle bumps, flowing turns, and wooden features, it guides you through a dynamic and fun descent while ensuring a smile on your face, regardless of your cycling expertise.

A standout feature of our latest addition at the mid-station is its year-round accessibility, even during the winter season when it’s not covered by snow.

If you’re looking to ignite someone’s passion for mountain biking, Family Line in Bike Park Pohorje Maribor is the perfect trail for you.


Ruška Family is a blue trail on Areh, designed for beginners and families. With its 1,3 kilometers in length and enjoyable, winding 214 meters of descent from the top to the bottom station of the Ruška chairlift, it offers an exceptional experience for the whole family.
Compared to the green Family Line at Mariborsko Pohorje, Ruška Family includes not only bumps and flowing berms but also small jumps, enabling riders to learn basic biking skills in the air.
Ruška Family at Areh is an excellent choice for beginners and families, while also providing fun for more experienced riders!


Ruška Flow is a red trail at Areh, designed for riders who enjoy flow and aim to improve their biking skills – both on the ground and in the air. With its 2,1 kilometers in length and 212 dynamic and winding elevation meters from the top to the bottom station of the Ruška chairlift, it offers an unforgettable experience.
Smooth turns, bumps, and a beautiful collection of small to medium jumps guarantee smiles on the faces of all riders. Ruška Flow at Areh enables gradual improvement of biking skills in cornering and jumping, with all obstacles also navigable without losing contact with the ground.
This red trail is suitable and enjoyable for a wide range of riders – from beginners to the more experienced and advanced.


Stream Line is a red enduro trail that adds excitement to the Flow Line trail in the central section under the Poštela chairlift. This singletrack trail along the stream, as its name suggests, is hand-built and offers lively turns and bumps that will get your heart racing and put a smile on your face. With 0,4 kilometers and 67 meters of descent, the Stream line is the shortest track in our network – but that doesn’t make it any less fun from the rest.
The entrance to Stream Line branches off from the Flow Line near the middle of the chairlift Poštela.
It’s suitable for all riders who enjoy riding natural, well-groomed trails that aren’t too demanding. Due to some tight turns, it’s better suited for agile enduro bikes, but you’ll definitely enjoy it even on a downhill bike.


Red Fox is a red enduro trail, crafted in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Golden Fox ski race. Extending 1,2 kilometers in length and descending for 203 vertical meters, it commences at Trikotna jasa next to the Radvanje chairlift and concludes at the base of the snow stadium, forever symbolizing the enduring legacy of the Golden Fox ski race.
This diverse and exhilarating trail, meticulously shaped using hand tools, appeals to riders seeking to explore various facets of natural enduro trails and refine their skills before venturing onto black trails like the Fury trail.
On Red Fox, you’ll encounter roots, rocky sections, sharp turns, ledges, and wooden features, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both novice and seasoned riders.

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