The Opening of Infrastructure for the Development of Year-Round Offerings on Pohorje

The modernization of cable car facilities and the construction of the Maribor – Areh Outdoor Center represent the largest investment project undertaken on Maribor’s Pohorje with Areh in the last fourteen years. Upon successful completion, the Public Company Marprom from the JHMB Group and the City Municipality of Maribor today held the ceremonial opening of the new cable car and other infrastructure, which took place at Areh.

At the upper station of the new four-seater chairlift Ruška, the opening ribbon was cut by the director of the Public Company Marprom Ranko Šmigoc, the mayor of the City Municipality of Maribor Aleksander Saša Arsenovič, the mayor of the Municipality of Ruše Urška Repolusk, and the state secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport Matevž Frangež. The value of the project “Modernization of Cable Car Facilities and Construction of the Maribor – Areh Outdoor Center” is 7.5 million euros, with the MGTŠ contributing 5,967,641 euros.

The entire project included several components, from the new intermediate station of the circular cable car and the Ruška four-seater chairlift, to new cycling trails, exercise parks, mountain go-karts, card machines, electronic boards, a mobile application for mountain bikers, and a 5-star experience. The main purpose of the new infrastructure is to develop year-round offerings on Maribor’s Pohorje with Areh, attracting visitors with attractive content throughout the seasons.

With the new Ruška chairlift, which replaced the similarly named drag lift from 1976, the capacity for transporting skiers is significantly increased. In addition, the new sanitary facilities at the upper station of Ruška and ticket offices are a welcome addition. During the summer season, it will operate for the needs of mountain biking and mountain go-kart rides.

Meanwhile, the construction of the intermediate station of the circular cable car ensures efficient use of ski slopes in the upper part and cycling trails in the lower part of Maribor’s Pohorje. A small motor skills park was also arranged at the location of the intermediate station, and in the future, it will enable the development of additional content for visitors to Pohorje.

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