The circular cable car is back in operation

The circular cable car Pohorska Vzpenjača, upgraded with a new intermediate station, will be back in operation from Thursday, November 16, starting at 12:00. Transport with it will follow the established schedule – every full hour between 7:00 and 21:00.

The company Marprom from the JHMB Group, which manages Pohorska Vzpenjača, has obtained the final permit for use and the operating permit. As of today, during the ascent with the circular cable car, boarding and disembarking will also be possible at the intermediate station, while the descent will proceed as before. The ticket prices for Pohorska Vzpenjača, approved by the city council, remain unchanged.

The construction of the intermediate station, located behind the 8th pylon of the cable car, represented a technically demanding intervention. Two additional pylons had to be erected near the station, and two existing pylons were replaced. During this process, the contractor, Leitner, temporarily removed the cable of the circular cable car. Before regular operation resumed, all inspections and tests were conducted.

The new intermediate station is a significant addition to expanding the offerings with additional activities for all seasons or the development of Pohorje 365. In the future, it will enable the efficient use of ski slopes in the upper part and cycling routes in the lower part of Mariborsko Pohorje.

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