We have started with the sales of different promotional products/memorabilia with our new VisitPohorje logo, in the premises of MarTurA travel agency (lower cableway station building – 1st floor). Their descriptions, photos and prices can also be found on this website on Gift Shop tab.

Among these products are T-shirts, hoodies, scarfs and gloves, hats, backpacks, drink bottles, mugs etc. All carry a VisitPohorje logo, available in various color combinations, made from quality materials. Their prices range from 3 euro to max 29 euro, most of the products are in the price range from 10–20 euro.

Our new promo/memorabilia products are intended for sale to both locals who are proud of Pohorje as well as visitors from abroad who are spending their free time and vacations here. They are also suitable for gifts. Currently VisitPohorje Gift Shop offers a first set of products and in the meantime we are already preparing a summer season collection, which will subsequently complement the current offer.

The Gift Shop project is part of planned activities that we have already announced at the presentation of the new brand VisitPohorje. We want to improve the brand visibility, Pohorje tourism and the tourist destinations around here with these activities.

Visit Pohorje

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