Anticipating permits for the circular cable car

Following the completion of the intermediate station of the circular cable car (CCC), Marprom, part of the JHMB Group, is still awaiting the necessary permits to commence operations. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning has scheduled a technical inspection for November 2, based on which it will issue the occupancy permit. Subsequently, the Ministry of Infrastructure will grant the operating permit.

Therefore, the CCC is expected to start operating at the earliest in the second week of November. The validity of personalized tickets for it and the Bike Park Pohorje will be extended (within their validity period) for the corresponding number of days when the CCC is not operational due to the construction of the intermediate station. Regardless, holders of these tickets can currently use them for alternative transportation with the Radvanje, Poštela, and Sleme chairlifts.

While the intermediate station, and the entire CCC, has been technically ready for operation since the end of September, as announced by Marprom, administrative procedures are beyond our control. We regret every day of delayed operation. The downtime significantly impacts the city’s finances, as the CCC currently generates no revenue due to its non-operational status.

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