Bike park Pohorje 2022 – Gravity card – veljavnost do 06.11.2022

GRAVITY CARD 545,00 € 409,00 € 273,00 €

* Gravity card is valid until 06th of November 2022 and it’s valid for 24 bike parks from Gravity Card (
* Riding outside of the Bike Park Pohorje tracks (on ski slopes) is not allowed and is punished with pass cancelation.
* If bike park is closed, the ticket is still valid for the gondola, but the use of bike park tracks is strongly prohibited and consequently a punishable offence.
* Surcharge for the new pass is 2,00 eur / deposit returns at refund.

VAT included in the pass price. Price list is valid from 9th of April 2022 until further notice.

COVID regulations
If legal regulations or lockdown measures in place in individual states mean that opening the bike parks and their associated lifts is delayed or is not
possible at all, the following price alterations will apply:
• If less than 50% of the parks are open by the end of June, a reduction of 20% will apply.
• If less than 50% of the parks are open by the end of July, a reduction of 30% will apply
• If until end of August more than 50% of the bikeparks will be closed simultaneously for 14 days or cannot be reached due to travel limitations of
minimum 14 days, not used days (1 day = 1/17 of the ticket price) will be refunded.
The amount of reduction in price can be reclaimed at the end of the season in the form of reimbursement at the Bikepark where the ticket was bought.
Attention: Gravity cards that have been used for more than 17 days will not be eligible for any refund. Does not apply for the purchase during or after a permanent closure of more than 50% of the bikeparks for min. 14 days.

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