Ski trails and lifts

Pohorje is a densely wooded, low mountain range in northern Slovenia. It's surrounded by the towns Maribor on the east, which is the second largest city in Slovenia, Dravograd (on the west) and Slovenske Konjice (on the south). It expands over the area of 1000 km2 south of the Drava River. It is a thickly wooded range without prominent summits. Its highest peak is Črni vrh (Black Peak). Geologically Pohorje is part of the Central Eastern Alps. Over the centuries it preserved its untouched natural beauty. Its mysterious forests once famous for dwarfs and other fairy tale creatures are a spectacular place to ski, relax and enjoy the nature, sports and fun.

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Slovenia, located just south of the town of Maribor, at the mountain ranges of Mariborsko & Areško Pohorje. You can enjoy over 40 km of ski slopes appropriate for skiing at different levels. The resort also has the longest illuminated ski slopes in Europe. Its 10 km are suitable for beginners and for demanding skiers and boarders. The resort is known world-wide for hosting the women's World Cup alpine races in slalom and giant slalom named "Golden Fox".

TURISTIČNA PROGA 3,5 km easy trail
ANDREJEVA PROGA 1,2 km easy trail
0,3 km easy trail
1,2 km intermediate
MIRANOVA PROGA A 2,2 km intermediate
MIRANOVA PROGA B 0,7 km intermediate
GRADISOVA PROGA 0,9 km intermediate
FIS SLALOM 0,8 km hard run
JONATAN 1,4 km hard run
REPOVA PROGA 1,0 km easy trail
RAVNA PROGA 0,6 km easy trail
MARKOVA PROGA 1,0 km hard run
MARINKOVAPROGA 1,0 km intermediate
GLAŽARSKA POT 3,8 km easy trail
AREŠKA POT 3,5 km easy trail
CVIRNOVA PROGA 1,7 km easy trail
RUŠKI SMUK 1,4 km intermediate
ŠOLSKA PROGA 0,5 km easy trail
MALI X 1 0,9 km easy trail
MALI X 2 1,5 km easy trail
POVEZAVA ŽIGART 0,8 km easy trail
ŽIGART 0,5 km easy trail
PISKER 1,8 km intermediate
COJZERICA 0,7 km intermediate
TOTAL 42 km  
RADVANJE 770 m 5,1 min
POŠTELA 1187m 7,6 min
SLEME 1061 m 7,2 min
BOLFENK 653 m 3 min
STOLP 945 m 7,8 min
VIDEC 957 m 5 min
PARTIZANKA I & II 879 m 5,2 min
RUŠKA 1285 m 7,6 min
OREL 1285 m 7,6 min
AREH 408 m 3 min
COJZARICA 710 m 3,8 min
COJZARICA II 710 m 3,9 min
ŽIGART 386 m 2,6 min
PISKER II 1672 m 6,4 min